2018-2019 - APPROVED


  1. The name of this PTSA local unit is: BEAVER LAKE MIDDLE PTSA 2.6.33. It was chartered June 1994.
  2. This PTSA was incorporated on August 8, 1994.
  3. This PTSA is registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration (must be filed by November 15th to avoid penalties).
  4. This PTSA was granted tax-exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) in August 1995.
  5. The current treasurer is responsible for filing appropriate annual IRS forms prior to November 15th.
  6. This unit shall keep at least two (2) copies of each of its legal documents, in separate locations. The Secretary and Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining these copies.
  7. The membership service fees of this unit shall not exceed $30.00 per family, and single membership service fees shall not exceed $20.00. The students of Beaver Lake Middle School shall be considered honorary members of this unit without privilege of holding office or voting rights. Staff and community membership fees are at the discretion of the Executive Committee but will not exceed $12.00. A family membership is defined as two adult members.
  8. The elected officers of this unit shall be President, Vice President Volunteers, Vice President Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer. These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. Officers will be elected for a term of one year and will assume office on July 1st of that
  9. Any elected position may be held jointly by two (2) people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at a board of directors’ meeting.
  10. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee (see #8), and may include; Fundraising Chair(s), Advocacy Representative(s), Communications Chair(s), and two (2) at large positions. Board membership shall be appointed.  The Principal or an appointed staff member shall have a seat at any PTSA meeting with voice but not a vote. A Board Meeting may be scheduled each month unless otherwise announced. All Board members shall be members in good standing of this local PTSA unit. A quorum is represented by a majority of Board members.
  11. An office shall be declared vacant if that position is not represented at three consecutive meetings. In the event of a resignation, the board of directors may appoint an alternate to serve out the remaining term.
  12. There shall be at least three (3) General Membership Meetings of this unit during the school year, as scheduled by the Executive Committee. These meetings will be held to approve the Standing Rules, elect a Nominating Committee, elect officers, and adopt the Annual Budget. A quorum is represented by at least 10 members.
  13. The PTSA shall approve an Interim Annual Budget at the Spring General Membership Meeting and the Actual Annual Budget in the Fall each year. The budget committee shall consist of at least three PTSA members, including at least one incoming and one outgoing board member. The Treasurer shall chair the budget committee.
  14. The Board of Directors has the authority to make budget allocations of up to $1000.
  15. “Bucks for Bulldogs” staff grants will be reviewed by a Sub Committee appointed by the President and its recommendations are approved by the Board of Directors.
  16. The signatures of at least four (4) Board Members shall be on the authorized Signature card for the Beaver Lake Middle School PTSA bank account. All checks must be signed by two (2) authorized signers.
  17. The PTSA may conduct a financial review of its books and records midyear each year in addition to the required financial review at the close of the fiscal year. Signors on the bank account may not be on the financial review committee.
  18. All reimbursement requests shall include a receipt and shall be submitted to the treasurer within 60 days of purchase. All requests for reimbursements must be received by June 15th.
  19. One or more Golden Acorn Award(s) shall be presented annually to outstanding volunteers. A committee appointed by the President shall select the recipients (s), the Executive Committee shall determine the number of recipients. Other awards (such as Outstanding Educators) will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  20. Voting delegates to the Issaquah PTSA Council 2.6 shall be the President and as many as two others as authorized by the Executive Committee.
  21. The vote for this unit for the position of Washington State PTA Region 2 Director shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  22. Voting delegate(s) to the Annual Washington State PTA Convention shall be elected by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall determine the number of delegates to be funded by the PTSA.
  23. Voting delegate(s) to the Legislative Assembly shall be the Advocacy Representative(s), unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors. Additional delegates will be appointed by the President based on membership numbers.
  24. The Board of Directors will hold a position on the Site Council. The Board of Directors will determine which member will attend the meetings each month or if they will attend meetings on a rotating basis.
  25. Beaver Lake Middle PTSA will follow Washington State PTSA By-Laws for anything not covered in these Standing Rules.